Eco Roach Trap
Eco Roach Trap
Eco Roach Trap

Eco Roach Trap

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Get rid of roaches without using harmful pesticides. Great for kitchens, homes with small children and pets. 


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Simply fill the trap with food. For example, some left over lunch, cookies, bread crumbs, candy, fruit,...



The roaches go inside the trap to eat, but can't get out.

Once roaches are caught, just submerge the trap in water and then throw them away.




Check Out The Benefits:

  • No need to keep buying roach spray.
  • No more harmful chemicals in your home.
  • Eco friendly for the environment.
  • Great for homes with small kids & pets.
  • Say good bye to your exterminator.




Use the Eco Roach Trap in your kitchen, instead of using harmful chemicals around your food.



Product Features:

  • Chemicals: Chemical Free
  • Material: ABS, Metal
  • Color: Black Bottom & Clear Top
  • Features: Non-Toxic, Reusable
  • Safety: Child & Pet Friendly   



1. Since cockroaches love wet, dark and warm areas, it would be best to place the trap in corners and avoid well-lit areas. Think of placing the trap where roaches frequently appear, such as dark corners, inside the sink and other cabinets, behind cupboards, near the trash can, etc.

2. For bait, use chocolate, cookies, sugar water and cereals as cockroaches like these most. Using what roaches love will likely to get better results.

3. Do not leave the cockroach trap just at one point for a long time. If you find that no roach has been caught in 2-3 days, change the location of the trap or the bait you’re using.

4. Once the trap catches a few roaches, do not rush to empty it right away. Let the few roaches remain within the trap as their pheromones will attract others.

5. Set the trap in a flat place and keep all its doors well shut. As long as you have the right bait, the trap is in the right place and you have roaches, you will catch them with this roach trap.


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Eco Roach Trap